• JAZZA ANC-J2 Foldable Stereo Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Silver

    Sold By: Usman Ghani
    • Built-in the high quality noise cancelling circuit inverting precision, with the 23db noise level, and it can effective to cut off 95% background noise.Prevent the disturbance of the AC power supply. When the phone is charged, PC will not have any current sound
    • Background noise nearly to 0. It can solve the big problem of troubling the biggest silent background noise of the noise canceling headphone.
    • The noise canceling diameter is 40mm, pet corona material diaphragm, it can supply the high-quality sound.Using the lithium-ion battery, the rated operating time over 30h, and it was recharged without to change the battery
    • With the design of all cover earmuff, with the imported sponge, comfortable and long wear no fatigue.Designed of separating the line and the headphone. When only used for noise cancelling, can pull out the connectors to prevent the problem of the line hybrid.
    • Included two pin of transfer aircraft plug, it can be used for the media system when you are the airplane. It is the exactly airport noise cancelling headphone.

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